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The flavors of the Southwest

The producers

Welcome to the farm, with a visit to the rearing, or shop, you will lick your lips just at the sight of these so appetizing products ! Foie gras, black pork, honey… They are sublimated by artisan-producers who take the time to shape them traditionally.
An emblematic Gers product, foie gras is a popular party product. In Gascony, it is consumed throughout the year, for large family or friendly gatherings. Raw, semi-cooked or cooked, it goes perfectly with local wines such as Pacherenc, Côte de Gascogne and Saint Mont.

For the record, you should know that the duck was invented in 1965 by the famous Gers chef André Daguin, who had the idea, for the first time, to prepare duck fillet in this way.

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