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Marciac, the capital of Jazz

Discovery tour of the city

Blending local history and “little history” on the new agglomerated housing in the southwest of France in 1250.

Walk articulated on the original plan of the city and its remains, punctuated with information on construction techniques and life in the Middle Ages.

Duration of the visit : 1 hour

Minimum group of 10 people: € 3.50 per person – by reservation.


Plaisance, between modernity and tradition
The discovery of the organ

270 kilos of iron
1,350 kilos of lead and tin
50 square meters of skin
25 cubic meters of wood
1,250 adjusting nuts
3,135 pipes
20,000 hours of hard work
to tame the wind…

Here are a few words that describe the breadth of the instrument that will be presented and explained to you. You can go to the console (where keyboards and pedalboards are located), touch the instrument, but also hear the organ singing thanks to the music terminal (unique equipment in the world).

And you will not be at the end of your surprises!

Who can imagine hearing Dalida, Brassens, Dassin or Gainsbourg performed on the organ? In Plaisance everything is possible! An eclectic musical choice, from Bach to Bourvil via Rossini, the organ is revealed, out of the sacred and the liturgical to amaze young and old.

Duration of the visit: at the customer’s choice (maximum 1:30)

Minimum group of 10 people: 3 € / person – by reservation.