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Go back in time

Swinging between hillsides and valleys, the landscape of Val d’Adour is a unique mosaic of panoramas and districts which display the wealth and the multi-faceted history of the Gers and Hautes-Pyrenees.

On foot, by bike or in the car, discover these unique sites.

The Abbey of Saint-Sever-de-Rustan

The small Versailles of Bigorre

Arriving at the interior courtyard what surprises the visitor, are the large openings well aligned and rectilinear, which gives  an image of a palace rather than a monastery.

A splendour in abundance

Protected as a Historical Monument, the Benedictine abbey of St. Sever de Rustan bares witness to the turbulent history of this region.

The beauty of St Sever de Rustan, and its setting will charm lovers of history of art.

A remarkable inheritance a must to discover

Many permanent exhibitions, painting and sculpture shows, concerts and activities.

Archeological museum at Maubourguet

The effigy of Neptune is represented in this surprising mosaic, with an appropriate title : god of the sea, with the divinity being surrounded by aquatic animals : fish, octopus, dolphins, and ducks -well we are in the south west !!!

2000 centuries as a milestone, an ocean of memory

Bysides the mosaic and rich incredible roman illustrations, updated in 1979, the museum also includes a large number of relics and archeological objects discovered in the area. Unique of its kind in this department this museum really is unmissable.

A museum created around the great mosaic of 20m², which was discovered in Maubourguet, from a Gallo-Roman villa with its cold water bath.

A god with a moustache, antennas, and a luminous beard !

A slide show of 25 minutes showing the excavations and rennovating of the mosaic.

If you have the chance do the visit with M Sylvian Doussau, self-taught archaeologist, (see the portaits of our ambassadors) with his knowledge and experience in this domaine you will be filled with enthusiasm.

Following the visit to the museum we suggest to cross this charming village, and stop at the church of Maubourguet, where you will realise the importance of this stop-over town on the way of Saint James of Compostelle (GR653 the Arles route).