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from the Tourist Office

Our Tourist Office has the « Qualitie Tourisme » label, is part of the group « Offices de Tourisme de France », and pledges to :

  • provide an easily accessible reception area and an information area
  • help your search for information
  • provide seats for your comfort
  • inform you, free of charge, about the local tourist offer
  • display and distribute our opening times, in at least two foreign languages
  • access to free wi-fi internet
  • be open at least 305 days per year, including saturdays and sundays in peak periods
  • reply to letters all year round
  • assure a presence in reception by someone who can speak at least two foreign languages
  • have a supply of tourist maps and tourist guides in paper form
  • have a website in three languages and usuable with smartphones
  • distribute the following touristic information in paper form, translated in at least two foreign languages:
    • registered accommodation including at least the name of the establishment, email, website address, telephone number, and the classification rating
    • monuments, touristic and leisure sites indicating the tarifs, opening periods, internet site and telephone and postale addresses
    • events and activities
    • emergency telephone numbers
  • Keep the information up to date
  • display the emergency telephone numbers outside our offices
  • present the area to the client
  • give access to consult the availibility at regisitered accommodation
  • treat complaints and comments, and measure satisfaction level
  • offer an information service using all the new technologies for information and communication (social network, mobiles, geolocatisation…)
  • respect the requirements of the “Qualité tourisme” label
  • provide a holiday advisor

Guarantee the information on the local tourist offer is correct and up to date

Tourism and Handicap

Tourism and Handicap

We are working on the layout of our premises and the continuous development of our services for a reception in the best conditions:

– All of the travel counselors are trained in welcoming people with disabilities.
– The inventory of the adapted offer via the simplified guide is available for download on our website.
– Valérie Tarride, referent for the tourism and disability label, is trained in the basics of French Sign Language (LSF).

Label Tourisme Et Handicap

Tourism And Handicap Label

Marciac and Maubourguet tourist offices are labeled Tourism and Handicap for the 4 impairments, these offices have:

  • Circulatory facilities for people with reduced mobility, facilitated interior walkways and chairs available.
  • From the hearing aid system: a magnetic loop and headphone amplifier.
  • Documentation adapted for people with visual impairment, mental impairment.
  • Mp3 recording system available
  • Accessible toiletThe 3 offices present documentation by themes and geographic sectors associated with pictograms on all the displays.

    The 3 offices offer documentation adapted for people with visual impairment, mental impairment via the simplified guide.


Terra Gers® brochure

Terra Gers® organizes the visibility of the various Gers know-how in terms of ecotourism, eco-responsibility and short circuits.

Terra Gers® is an approach initiated and led by the Departmental Tourism Committee Destination Gers to promote a sustainable tourism offer.


Through the signing of the Terra Gers Charter, we have embarked on various actions to raise awareness among tourists and tourism stakeholders in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Thus we highlight the Natura 2000 area which crosses our area of competence and all the actors who promote the protection of the environment such as the Water House, the Stone and Earth Space and the Artpiculture Garden.

We encourage hikers to be respectful of the natural spaces they pass through.

We are working with Jazz in Marciac for an eco-responsible festival.