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Rhythm of festivals

in the heart of the southwest

Don’t know what to do today ?

Why not escape into the Games festival,or immerse yourself in the middle ages at Montaner or Termes d’Armagnac.

Or you prefer music ? The spectacle halls of Astrada and Octav offer an impressive artistic programme.

Festival RPGers, the pleasure of playing

The games festival RPGers, it cannot be explained, it is well entrenched within us. Maybe we have forgotten the times of playing cards or board games with family or friends.The organisers of this festival give us the opportunity to relive those days, and in fact the days when we used to gather together for enjoyment are not that long ago.

RPGers, the last weekend of August for 23 years.

Each year this festival is a wonder for families, who rediscover the pleasure of being together around the table, sharing and having fun, the game is in fact just a prop.

The banquet at Vic

Order of the day : the best and nothing but the best ! In a country setting the star chefs from far and wide exalt the admirable products of the south west.

Wander round the food stalls, to the rhythm of the brass bands, taste the prepared specialities . Share a moment of complicity with other festival goers around the “banquet”.

NEW : Sunday lunchtime “les tablées de Vic” offer a friendly al fresco lunch.


My favorite memory is that of when I met the chef Franck Radiu. I loved him in the series “Top Chef”. He took the time for a brief chat and a souvenir photograph. His chocolate dessert is excellent, and he gave us his secret – a drop of olive oil !


The grape harvest of Saint Sylvestre

At Viella no need to ask what we are doing for the 31st December !

Here we celebrate new years eve in both an original and traditional way. There has been an annual late grape harvest since 1991. In this village of 700 inhabitants, in the centre of the appellations of Madiran and Pacherenc de Vic-Bilh, this celebration of late grape harvest results in an unique edition of Pacherenc du Vic-bilh. It is THE date not to miss.

To experience the late harvest of New Year’s Eve is almost to be a mystical experience !

Préparatifs des Vendanges de la St Sylvestre 2017
Préparatifs des Vendanges de la St Sylvestre 2017
Préparatifs des Vendanges de la St Sylvestre 2017
©Bernard Cortèse

Bernard Cortese, the wine expert at the Tourist office, explains :

Why a late grape harvest ?

These harvests are above all festive and jovial times. Locals and tourists mixing their accents. All generations together often stung by the negative temperatures. All being accompanied by the wine makers music and songs.

If you also wish to take part in the new years eve meal then hurry, book, as the 300 guests are very attached to this tradition and the demand is high, and the chosen ones lucky !

Les Medievals of Montaner

Do not hesitate to take part in the two days of impressive displays of cavalry, extravagant and terrific. A true promise of an immersion in the middle ages !

The jousters, birds of prey, and fire eaters delight young and old with a cheerful mood to the sound of the minstrels and acrobats.

« Les Medievales de Montaner » return the first week-end of July every year.

Did you know ?

The château of Montaner represents the most successful fortress of Gaston Febus,Prince of the Pyrenees. A great strategist of politics and of military, skilled at finance, he was also a scholared man, a writer,poet and a lover of hunting and the arts.

Febus  famous for his manoeuvring between the kings of France and England to keep his land away from the devestation of the hundred years war.

The tower of Termes d’Armagnac

From far like a suit of armour, proud of its silhouette that dominates the valley. As if it has pierced the heights to rise up and offer from the top of its promontory, one of the most beautiful views of the range of the pyrenee mountains

Each floor, there is another story

It is an amazing witness to military gascony architecture of the 13th century.From the first step of the imposing spiral staircase,you sense the spirit of a gallant knight or a gentle lady.

On the terrace roof of the world

After 5 years of study, the restoration of the tower started. The main works will be finished for the summer season and visitors will be able to discover the new reception building, the redesigned museum, and above all, the jousting stadium of impressive dimensions (25 metres X 60 metres), with a capacity of 350 places in stalls. Unique in France.

Saint Mont vineyard trail

Main accessories : running shoes and good humour

The objective is not in fact to win at all costs, but to promote the colours of the wines and the flavours of the produce, to bring out the treasures of the cultural heritage of Saint Mont.

Saint Mont : wonderful showcase

Runners, walkers, hikers, or just visitors, you will be part of this wonderful picture ! At the moment when the vines start to take a red colour, the hillsides of Saint Mont and the village of Aignan form a wonderful showcase.

A course in the centre of the vines

Over the 18km length there are no less than 7 tasting stands.

A charity trail, 1€ for each participant which is given to the agricultural college at Riscle, to help with the training of the young., It is one of the few colleges in France that offer agricultural courses.

Horns and games

Bullfighting traditional