©Michel Carossio

Tastes and flavours of Occitanie

our cooking makes your memories !
Traditional cooking as a way of life

You can’t talk about gastronomy without mentioning the south west ! Local cooking, generous like the people. Food full of aromas and fragrancies. A way of cooking were the richness lets the tastebuds open the senses. Initially its the eyes that delight in the colour of the produce, then the nose inhales the distinctive dishes. Just listen to the dish, and it says everything about our wellbeing.


Cooking is when things taste like what they are !
– Curmonsky –

The flavour of real cooking !

On the wooden table “the true foie gras” is prepared. The farmers are happy to share their secrets of the kitchen with you.

From the starter to the dessert, they prepare what is good and true.

To be fond of food is not a sin !

Our cooking covers everything, including your memories.

Our producers and restaurant owners offer a gastronomy rich with their experiences. Eat well because we eat locally.

Time is taken to cook, as everything starts and finishes around food…

Food labels

« Welcome to the farm », and Organic farming , are guarantees of a quality, demanded more and more by the consumer, and these approved organisations offer a number of activities

  • selling their produce direct to the public
  • workshops on food conservation
  • guided visits of the farm
  • tasting of produce

Pleasure is the centre of loving food, the art of tasting can be learnt here

We have a festive image of loving food, it means, friends, laughing and sharing. It means pleasure several times per day, an occasion to slow down and savour the delicacies of this land. Long live gourmandise, sign of happiness.

Local market

Array of colours,
hubbub, early fruit and vegetables

Fill your basket with farmers produce, seasonal fruits and vegetables on the traditional gascon markets. The local market is a weekly meeting place in our countryside.

Of course the objective is to take in the local flavours and aromas, but also for the conviviality.

The market is a picture of indulgence,
a palette of good and beautiful produce

The stalls covered by the sun and rolling under the honey sounding accents. The aromas reach the nose and you pass from sweet to savoury, from savoury to sweet, without any plan, just simple desire. The markets here are a picture of our beautiful southwest produce.