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A medley of wines

in the heart of the southwest

Madiran, Saint Mont, Armagnac, there are many appellations in the Heart of the south west.

Walks, tastings, wine-making, grape harvests, evening concerts, visits to the wine producers… you are always welcomed with a glass !

Some wine makers talk with relish about their vintage wine, others about the “angels share”, The vineyards in Val d’Adour are a history of man and passion for wine.

The Vineyard of Saint Mont AOC

Nestled at the heart of our unspoilt landscape of the south west, we invite you to discover, if you haven’t already, the label of Saint Mont which covers the foothills north of the Pyrenees dominating the valley of the Adour.

You will be charmed by this land characterised by its variety of soils and the climatic influences of the Pyrenees and the ocean.

Madiran, and Pacherenc du Vic-bilh

At the centre  of our destination, straddling the departments of the Gers,  Pyrénées-Atlantique and Hautes-Pyrénées, the labels of Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh represent a land of wines, the red of Madiran and white of Pacherenc du Vic Bilh, the fruit of native vines.


A unique living historic monument

the ancient vines of Sarragachies

A historic monument that breathes !

One single ray of sunlight is enough on this vineyard (2000m²) to give a new lease of life to these 600 exceptional vines, and be registered as a Historic Monument.

Included under the Saint Mont label in the south of the Gers, a few kilometres from Riscle, this exceptional vineyard is distinguished amongst the most authentic in France.

Unique, it constitutes a centre of biodiversity and genetic history and is an example of ancestral cultivating methods dating back before the phyloxera crisis. Some of the vines date back to 1830.