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Jazz in Marciac Festival

Everywhere in the world you hear of Marciac as the land of music, with its festival that started 40 years ago, at least as impressive as the “bastide” (fortifide town) founded in 1298.

JIM, Jazz In Marciac

A small group of passionate jazz fans, bond by the tireless enthusiasm of Jean-louis Guilhaumon, the festival initially centred on traditional jazz, and then diversified its offer, even taking a name as a friend, JIM

Here, when you talk of JIM, its not a musical tour, nor the name of an anglo-saxon tourist !

JIM is a village of around 1300 souls who live Jazz during nearly 3 weeks , from the end of July to the 15th August. All the village community is at a jazz timing, which welcomes 250 000 visitors every year, and works thank to 700 volunteers. JIM is a giant that includes a festival off. It has also created one of the most stylish concert halls in the departement : L’Astrada.

Look and listen...

THE festival of august

The festival opens with contemporary styles, from free jazz of Ornette Coleman or Michel Portal to world music of Joe Zawinu to meet with the expectations of a growing public

Todays giant marquee, with room for 11 000 people standing or around 6000 people seated, is nothing like the first concerts in the arena.


A concert hall with fantastic acoustics that has 500 seats is open all the year, and extends the festival.

Although Jazz takes precedence, there are also songs, classical, world music, theatre, dance, circus or comedy, with a section for creation with the resident artists, courses for professional training, activities for the young public, and support from the jazz network of the Occitanie region.

The Off

a free festival within the Festival

The “Gascon” welcome, the warmth and modesty of the folk here, means that this festival is like no other, and gives it a unique feel which helps develop the fame of Marciac world wide.

All day, from around 11am for the first concerts until 6.30pm the central square (place hotel de ville) is the stage for the festival off, non-stop and FREE.

The cinema, stalls with regional specialities and crafts, art galleries, restaurants, café terraces, and the bars run by volunteers, bring a summer meeting atmosphere to Marciac under the exclusive brand of jazz which welcomes 250 000 visitors every year.

“And as if that were not enough, each café, each restaurant open annually in Marciac also organizes its own programming during the Festival.

So there are a thousand and one ways to take you on a JIM ride… We can only advise you to come and taste each of its melodic sweets. Put together, they make up one of the most beautiful succulence menus in the SOUTH-WEST, a menu that makes JAZZER ! “

Murielle D.